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Fountains and Aeration Sales & Service

Why does my pond or lake need aeration?

The most important factor in ensuring the success of a pond or lake is proper aeration. Aeration increases dissolved oxygen that is critical in the ecology of a pond. Dissolved oxygen from aeration keeps the inhabitants healthy and keeps the water clean.

We recommend aerating ponds and lakes by two main ways (depending on the body of water either style can be used):

  • Fountain Aerators
  • Bottom Diffused Aeration Systems
  • Fountain Aerators

    Most fountains aerate the upper water column unless a deep water extension is added. Fountains are very aesthetically pleasing, adding a nice touch to your pond or lake. Aquatic Plus is proud to be an authorized distributor and service representative of Aqua Master Fountain Aerators. For more information on Aqua Master, please visit www.aquamasterfountains.com. We offer exceptional sales and service with various brands such as: Kasco Marine, Otterbine Barebo, Aqua Control, and Oase.

    Diffused Aeration Systems: Benefits of Bottom Aeration

    Most ponds suffer from stratification or "layered water" during the warmer months of the year. Stratification happens when the sun heats up the water at the top of your pond. This warm water is lighter and creates a layer that floats on the cooler water underneath. The point at which these layers separate is known as the thermocline. The thermocline can be observed while you are swimming; as your legs and feet break the thermocline you feel the cool water underneath, which is commonly mistaken as a spring. In the fall and winter months, the cold air will cool the surface of your pond, causing turnover or a mixing of the surface and subsurface water. Turnover can also be caused by severe weather events. If you ever notice a strong sulfurous smell near your pond in the spring, fall, or after a strong storm, it's a good bet that your pond has just turned over!

    Turnover allows toxic water from the bottom of the pond to mix with the healthy water at the surface, which can severely stress or even kill fish. When your pond/lake is deprived of oxygen the natural cleaning process is reversed, causing the ecosystem to shut down and slowly die! Because oxygen is absent, dead vegetation, fish waste and other organics turn into black "muck" because there are no life forms available to feed on it. The "muck" will continue to accumulate if an aeration system is not implemented.

    Aeration will reduce, if not eliminate free floating debris, prevent fish kills, reduce sediment buildup, eliminate thermal stratification, create a stronger and more productive fish population, and create a clean, clear and healthy ecosystem.

    Aquatic Plus is proud to offer aeration sales and service for leading manufactures Airmax Ecosystems and Aqua Master Fountains & Aerators. Aquatic Plus is your authorized dealer for products and services of Airmax Ecosystems. For more information on Airmax Ecosystems, please visit www.airmaxeco.com, and for additional information on Aqua Master please visit www.aquamasterfountains.com.

    Winter Fountain Services & Storage

    Most manufacturers recommend that floating fountains and surface aerators be removed prior to freezing conditions during the winter months. This procedure prevents the opportunity for damage to the units from ice and snow. Our winter removal and storage service includes unit removal, thorough pressure washing of the system, unit inspection, electrical testing, and storage in a heated and secure location. While in storage, Aquatic Plus will inspect each unit separately for preventative maintenance recommendations to be submitted to the customer.

    This service also includes re-installation the following spring. We will perform a thorough re- inspection of electrical components to ensure all safety devices are properly working, and replace light bulbs as necessary (bulbs will be billed separately). Customers will be notified of essential repairs and replacements prior to service.

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