Specializing in Annual Lake Management Programs

Aquatic Plus offers a wide range of quality products and services for:

  • Algae treatment
  • Aquatic vegetation management
  • Fountain sales and service
  • Aeration sales and service
  • Fish stocking
  • Water quality monitoring and testing
  • Fisheries management
  • Biological augmentation
  • Wildlife habitat and management solutions

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How far will Aquatic Plus travel?

Aquatic Plus proudly serves the tri-state area. Contact us today to have an experienced Aquatic Plus representative travel to you to discuss and evaluate your pond or lake needs.

Why does my pond or lake need aeration?

The most important factor in ensuring the success of a pond or lake is proper aeration. Aeration increases dissolved oxygen that is critical in the ecology of a pond. Dissolved oxygen from aeration keeps the inhabitants healthy and keeps the water clean.

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Herbicide Applications: When will I see results?

All herbicides tend to effect plants within different time frames. Some herbicides can act within a few days, though these tend to affect the stem and leaves meaning re-growth can occur within 6-8 weeks. Other herbicides can take from 2 weeks to 10 weeks to have total effect. The exchange for the longer effect time is longer control of the plant, anywhere from a whole season, to multiple seasons of control. Your Aquatic Plus representative can provide further information on the plant species and/or algae in your body of water.

Can I purchase the necessary chemicals to treat my pond or lake myself?

Yes you can, we sell products directly to consumers. Contact Aquatic Plus for further information or to place your order.

Why do I need to have my fountain removed and stored during the winter months?

Freezing temperatures raise the risk of damage to your fountain's mechanical components and floatation devices during the cold winter months. Having a professional pull and store your fountain during the winter season is essential in preventing costly damage that decreases the life of your fountain.

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Is my pond or lake safe for swimming?

Yes, the majority of ponds in the tri-state area are safe for swimming. However, the population of cyanobacterium Microcystis (toxin-releasing algae) is becoming more frequently identified in this area. Cyanobacterium is known to produce toxins that can cause bodily harm to humans and animals. The professionals at Aquatic Plus recommend you have your body of water accurately evaluated to ensure a safe environment for you and your children.

Will Aquatic Plus service fountains or aerators purchased from the internet or other companies?

Yes, we will! The Aquatic plus staff has the experience and knowledge to service all fountain and aerator manufacturers, both with and without warranties. Contact us for all your service needs!

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