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Fish Stocking & Fisheries Management

We offer a variety of fish for stocking your pond or lake. Price sheet coming soon!

If you are looking to build your own fishing paradise let the pros from Aquatic Plus help. We can determine what fish would best fit your pond or lake and give you professional advice on why these species would be positive, or could create long term issues.

Some chemical properties of your new pond or lake should be considered prior to initial fish stocking. Some of these properties include PH, Hardness, Alkalinity, Water Temperature, and Dissolved Oxygen levels. If any of these parameters are out of range and/or not considered it may result in total fish loss after stocking. Aquatic Plus can help you determine your water chemistry and management ideas.

The initial stocking in your pond or lake will determine how successful your fishery will be in years to come. If predator and prey ratios are not considered, forage fish added, and disease-free fish stocked there is a great chance your pond will never amount to your expectations.
Every pond has unique characteristics (size, shape, structure, depth, etc) along with that every pond owner has unique expectations. Give us a call to help meet your long term goals.

Having a Fishing Derby? Looking for a one-time stocking of adult fish? With advanced notice, we can tailor almost any stocking need! Give Aquatic Plus a call!

Most new pond owners wonder how long until they can fish and does it negatively impact the growth of their fish. Newly stocked ponds can be fished immediately but you will only be catching the size of fish stocked. The key to managing your pond for fishing is to implement some basic guidelines and follow them.

Fishing Tips to Remember:

  • Fish are sensitive
  • Always wet hands prior to touching fish
  • If a fish is hooked deep, cut off hook
  • Bend fishing barbs for easier hook removal
  • Return fish immediately back into the water
  • Keep fish off the ground
  • These are just a few of our recommendations with a little thought you will be on your way to years of great fishing!

    How long until we can keep fish?

    Keeping fish too soon from a new pond will ruin future fishing. Large Mouth Bass and Bluegills should not be removed from a new or renovated pond for the first three years to allow the initial stock to grow and reproduce. When it comes time to harvest fish, harvest at the rate of four pounds of forage fish per pound of predator fish. Once again every pond is different and referring back to initial stockings will help determine this rate.

    To provide great fishing, your pond should have between three and six pounds of forage fish (Bluegills, Redear Sunfish, Hybrid Bluegills, Golden Shiners, & Fathead Minnows) for each pound of predator fish. This is why proper stocking of a pond is so important. For example, if your pond has a 5:1 (prey to predator) ratio then supplemental stocking of Fathead Minnows & Golden Shiners will be sufficient to keep your fishery growing and healthy. If your initial balance is way off then the addition of adult Bluegills may be required for increased forage (reproduction).

    Fish not growing? Better contact Aquatic Plus to get on our Forage Fish Stocking Program!

    Do I need artificial structure in my pond or lake?

    Structure is a very important factor when considering long term management goals. Depending on material size and shape structure provides cover, resting areas, and feeding areas for your fish. Without proper structure in your pond or lake, small fish will be unable to hide from large predators resulting in a stunted fishery.

    Different fish species will determine various structure recommendations. For example, if channel catfish are in the pond, do not add any structure that has hollow cavities (catfish spawn in cavities and this will result in an overpopulation of catfish).

    Keep all structure away from swimming areas where people can become entangled and drown. If swimming occurs in your pond or lake pallets should be avoided.

    Supplemental fish feed and forage fish stockings will promote healthier fish.

    We Offer Biological Products for Every Season