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Restore and maintain balance & beauty to your natural or man made body of water while increasing the value of your property.

Proud to offer services to home/property owners, home-owner associations, condominium associations, apartment complexes, commercial developments, golf courses, and more.

Specializing in Annual Lake Management Programs

Aquatic Plus offers a wide range of quality products and services for:

  • Algae treatment
  • Aquatic vegetation management
  • Fountain sales and service
  • Aeration sales and service
  • Fish stocking
  • Water quality monitoring and testing
  • Fisheries management
  • Biological augmentation
  • Wildlife habitat and management solutions

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Functional Beauty

Pond aeration provides natural, highly effective water quality management that is safe for the environment. Adding aeration into your body of water will address a wide range of problems such as aquatic weeds, insect infestation, algae build-up, water stagnation, foul odors, and bottom sludge. Contact your Aquatic Plus representative for the right Aeration System for your pond or lake.

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Bearon Aquatics

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